Canadians For Ethical Politicians

CanEH!dian'sSTICK2getherMay15 2013

We need to keep a close eye on our Politicians and their buddies. Can you imagine willingly paying taxes to have them wasted. That seems to be the game played, the taxpayer needs to take control and demand that we know what we are paying government workers for their services. For the MPs who voted on bill Bill C-461 I say you have no shame. We try and see the humor on this site but that one was like being stick handled by an opponent when my hands were tied. 

Beaver Holding Poker Hand

Full Deck

Who holds all the aces, this Beaver is having fun with the Hockey Playoffs.

Mike Duffy Stickhandler

MIKE DUFFY1may17 2013

MIKE DUFFY1may17 2013

You have to know when to play and know when to quit. Lessons learned in Journalism.  Duffy must hold many secrets in his Black Book. Stay tuned for more Political Cartoons.

Political Action Works

MIKE DUFFYmay16 2013

MIKE DUFFYmay16 2013

Mike Duffy, is finding less places to hide as we move away from the traditional newspapers who rely heavy on corporate advertising to the Social Media model.  That he is allowed to make a mockery of our system and continues to be paid by the Canadian Taxpayers is a problem. That PEI have no say on who should represent them as a Senator is problematic. Changes need to be made now.

Water off a Duck’s Back

DUCK WATER DAY mar22 2013

Please keep our waterways clean, we ducks have to swim in the water. But humans have to drink the water. Win Win


Think outside the Box

DOGthinkBIGapril17 2013

We dogs use our senses when looking for new opportunies

Doggy Fun Cartoons

DOGapril16 2013

Animal cartoons for any event or occasion. We design to your specifics.

Just be yourself.

ANN'SsmallPeople feb22 2013Little people cartoons, not meant to be a look a like to anyone we might know

Leonardo da Vinci | Wisdom

Remembering the talent and wisdom, what would your thoughts be?

There are three classes of people: those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.
Leonardo da Vinci



self-portrait-leonardo (2)

The axeman cometh to a Corporate Giant

LUMBERJACK 1 april 7 2013

RBC has been laying off older workers and hiring Foreign Temporary Workers. All is fair in this world.